Instant Help Unimed

Instant Help Unimed


The Ministry of Health estimates that about 30% of the elderly falls at least once a year. From those, 70% take place at home. To address this problem, Unimed, one of the biggest health insurace plans in Brazil, created a emergency button that can be placed anywhere, to call the closest SOS ambulance when they need the most. At the same time, the health history is sent, and a emergency contact is warned.

Client: Unimed
Agency: Heads 
Creative Director: Daniel Macedo


Art Director: André Petrini
Copywriter: João Bruno Werzbitzki

Emergency first aid after a heart attack decreases the risk of heart damage, but  if assistance takes too long, heart can lose one third of its muscles.

Ideally, the patient should be referred to a hospital as soon as possible.

Instant Help Unimed it's an emergency button that can be installed anywhere in the house, on objects, or even attached to clothes.

The operation of Instant Help is simple: with a simple setup, the button is ready. Then, in case of a emergency, the elder pushes the button, which starts to blink. In real-time the Unimed SOS is called with patient's health history, and a family member is contacted.