Family is Love


In Brazil, non-traditional families are not recognized by the law. This means that gay couples, single parents, adopted children and children raised by their grandparents are not legally families. And Google results reflects that. When we search for family, 100% of the images on Google showed heterosexual families.

So, we invited people to share photos of their non-traditional families on social media. These photos were uploaded to the campaign's website and, using advanced SEO techniques, we made them relevant to Google, changing its results.

Client: Dignidade Group
Agency: Master Comunicação 
Creative Director: Felippe Motta


Art Director: André Petrini
Copywriter: Thiago Gabardo
Photo: Barbara Vanzo
Development: Konnng

How it started

With 5 magazine ads, we presented real families that were excluded from the Families Law and invited people to share photos from their families. Two mothers and their kids; a family with a transexual daughter; a single mother and her son; a heterosexual couple and their adopted son; and two moms with their children helped us to start the conversation.

Soon, the biggest LGBT and Family Rights NGOs in Brazil started supporting our movement

And families posting their photos with #familyislove


The photos were aggregated to our website and spread out
through the web using advanced SEO techniques.

And for the firts time, during the campaign period, Google showed non-traditional families in its results.