Domestic Violence Cuckoo

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Domestic Violence Cuckoo

It's a sad fact that domestic violence is still present in many Brazilian homes. To give an idea of just how serious this problem is, it's estimated that every 2 minutes, 5 women are abused by their partners or even family members. This means that there are 150 new cases of abuse and assault every hour. To raise awareness of the problem and encourage victims and witnesses to report aggressors, we used those sad numbers to create this print ad.

Client: Parana State Government
Agency: Master Comunicação 
Creative Director: Felippe Motta


Art Director: André Petrini
Copywriter: Bruno Trindade
3D Illustration: Miagui

Domestic Violence Cuckoo - Parana State GovernmentDomestic Violence Cuckoo - Parana State Government